Special Needs

Short Term Special Needs

L.O.V.E. has two special needs right now:


1. Permanant office space

2. A 4-wheel drive van/SUV

To donate to either of these needs, click here
and notate your donation for "New Office" or "Staff Vehicle"

Permanant Office Space

We have two options:


1. Buy land and build the office:

  Estimated cost of 150m² plot of land: $200k USD
  Estimated cost to build the office: $185k USD
  Total: $385k USD


2. Buy an existing house and renovate it:

  Estimated cost of 300m² house: $323k USD
  Estimated cost to renovate for
suitable office:
$72k USD
  Total: $395k USD


Staff Vehicle

Our staff needs a new vehicle for work, especially now that they're making monthly visits to the remote mountain areas. We need a 4-wheel drive van/SUV to transport staff members and supplies. Used vehicles are available, but we'd really like them to have a new one for long-term use and reliability. If you can help, please earmark your donation with "Staff Vehicle". Thank you!

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