University Students

University Student Homes Sponsorship Program

Our goals for these students are:


1. To relieve the financial burden of these students and their families so they can focus on their studies and faith in Christ.

2. Provide a home away from home where these students can mature in faith and character.

3. Provide a sponsor who has the opportunity to encourage these students in their studies and faith.

The minimum cost to sponsor a student house is $80. **

** Where rent is higher, we may ask the sponsor to voluntarily increase from $80 to $90 or more. This is not required, but allows us to start a reserve fund to help the students with all these activities and for emergencies: repairing computers, furniture, health care and other needs.

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Description: Description: E:\L.O.V.E.'s Documents\Students & Student Housing\2020\Jonathan House\z2125243651280_921b7b966c4ee1cc1cae02c2bf40cafd.jpg


Needs a Sponsor

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Left to right:  Tuyen, Tie, Khai, An, A, Tan, Hanh

 - two boys were at school and are not pictured


Daniel's House
Is Sponored
Thank you!


If you'd like to sponsor a Student Home, fill out an application here.

At present, we have the following
sponsored houses:

Ruth, and Rachel Houses.

There are always other needs in these homes! 


How Your Donation is Used:

Donation %



70% goes toward the rent

(The rent on our houses vary from $40 to $107 at present

If this does not cover the total rent, the students equally share the difference.

If this amount exceeds the rent, the excess amount is placed into the student house reserve fund.

The sponsor can choose to increase the donation to relieve the students' financial burden.


The sponsor can also raise money through church, work place, civic clubs, or individuals to meet these needs and to help other students and/or student houses.



20% goes to the housing reserve fund

This money is used to buy fans, beds, desk, provide money for a scholarship for summer faith camps, outreach, etc.

10% LOVE administrative fee

To provide for salaries for staff workers and office needs.

Some of these students are so poor that we also try to find sponsors to provide a scholarship or sponsorship for individual students.

To learn how to support an individual student, click here.


Other Needs:

We need computers for several of our houses to help students to study the training material, university courses and English better.


One desktop is $300 for most houses, but in a house where the students are studying IT, engineering, etc., it may require a better CPU and increase the cost to $500.

At present, rent on the houses vary from $50 - $110 per month, which we expect to increase even more.


Utilities cost another $6 - $10 monthly.


We also try to provide each house with a gas stove, fans, beds, a computer and desk, and other needs.


When the sponsor is able to pay extra, the money will go into a reserve fund to be used to provide training, and funds to help them for outreach, “educational trips”, emergencies, and medical needs. For example, some of you helped to provide scholarships to 55 students to attend summer camps to meet with other students from all over Vietnam to share and learn together; in addition many go to poor communities to conduct children's Bible schools and various outreaches in other communities.


These students will be better prepared to serve their fellow citizens and their Father.


For more info, contact us.

Please ask your church, Sunday school class, prayer circle,civic group, veterans group, or others to pray about sponsoring one of our student houses.

Pictures of some of our students' activities:

Helping local churches...
... and summer camps

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